Sunday, August 19, 2012

“I’ve Got a Little List” - Singing Points for Mitt Romney (If a Debate Slows Down)

(Previously published on for the benefit of John McCain.  Mitt Romney could probably sing it better.)

With thanks and apologies to Gilbert and Sullivan

I’ve Got a Little List (From The Obama)

As someday it may happen that the truth it must be found,
I’ve got a little list,
I’ve got a little list.
Of friends of The Obama, who once were underground,
Who might otherwise be missed,
They might otherwise be missed.

There’s the pestilential nuisances who work for NBC,
Who read their lines so cleverly to mislead you and me,
And preachers who exhort their flock to hate their countrymen,
And real estate developers who slip him Five or Ten,

And a rumpled old professor who was once a terrorist,
Might otherwise be missed,
Might otherwise be missed.

We’ve got ‘em on the list,
We’ve got ‘em on the list,
So none will e’re be missed,
They’ll none of them be missed.

The Daily Show, Bill Mah’r and David Letterman as well.
They’re all upon the list,
I’ve got them on the list.
And also Sandra Bernhart with her special place in Hell,
She’s right there on the list,
With care she won’t be missed.

There’s Oprah, and there’s Whoopie and the others on The View,
(Except for poor Elizabeth; the tri-als she’s been through!)
Millions to be granted—
to brainwash skulls of mush,
ACORN to get out the vote, an effort lately “Rushed,”

And the grumpy old professor/non-repentant terrorist,
We’ll not let them be missed,
By the MSM they’re missed!

We’ve got ‘em on the list,
We’ve got ‘em on the list,
So none will e’re be missed,
They’ll none of them be missed.

The answers by Obama as to where? or when? or why?
Deserve a sep’rate list,
Deserve their own fair list.
“My mentor, no, my preacher, no, say just who was that guy?
Did he actually say that?
Never heard him say all that!”

Ayers, Dohrn, and Tony Rezko;
and Jeremiah Wright.
Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac
were afraid of oversight,
They asked for help from Chris Dodd first, and then from Barney Frank,
And Dodd and The Obama took their “Thank You” to the bank,

And that nasty old professor who is still a terrorist,
He really can’t be missed,
And so he heads the list.

Yes put them on the list!
We’ve got ‘em on the list,
They’ll none of them be missed–
There will none – of – them – be – missed.

For those who wish to hear the melody, try this from YouTube.

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