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How I Caught Keith Olbermann's Attention

Our Dog Ate the Chocolate or This Would Have Been More Timely

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Observations on the 10/30/2007 Democrat debate:

Feel free to add your own or to provide corrections—I had a hard time concentrating after John Edwards was asked a question regarding Hillary Clinton’s alleged double-talk. He answered with double-talk of his own and nobody seemed to notice.

The most “Presidential” presences on the dais were Joe Biden and Chris Dodd. Now that’s a sad state of affairs. They were wrong, but in a Presidential way. Too bad they almost outpoint Chuck Schumer on the smarmy scale, with a high “eewww” factor to boot.

The Liberal Press seems to have decided that Hillary is in fact NOT the best nominee to defeat the unknown Republican. It’s unclear to me which of the other Democrats will get their support, but I think the movement has begun to dislodge her deathlike grip on the nomination. (This follows my prediction of about a week ago that she wouldn’t be the nominee.)

John Edwards took exception to Hillary’s take on the driver’s license flap in New York, but he didn’t try to answer the question himself. I don’t believe he was alone in that failing.

Where was the question about the “ticking time bomb” and torture? Is it only an issue for Republicans?

Ron Paul, er, Dennis Kucinich had the best line of the night after the spat between John Edwards and “Who-can-remember” accusing each other of being immoral, unethical, and ugly because they took money from special-interest groups. “I’m not going to get in the middle of that. I think they’re both right.”

Didn't MSNBC know that Halloween is on October thirty-first?

MSNBC should register as a lobbying organization, based on the performance of Chris Matthews and Keith Olbermann after the debate. I believe I heard Matthews using the personal pronouns “we” and “they” when referring to Democrats and Republicans. I can hear his response to that now—“Aw, come on, you know what I meant. It’s just a sort of shorthand! (spray/splatter)” Olbermann is just way out of his league, to be kind.

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