Saturday, August 18, 2012

Fame is Fleeting. On the Olbermann Show, It Comes in 40-second Increments.

(Original post and comments on here.  YouTube clip of my 40 seconds of infamy here.)

Still, I guess I now have about fourteen minutes and twenty seconds of Fame left.

Gee, a gen-yew-wine bigshot STAR like Keith Olbermann reads my stuff and is upset enough to respond? Unbelievable. (I’m shaking my head slightly here, in dismay.) He must be really thin-skinned. I mean, REALLY. I'm honored, even if I did finish only third on his list.

Surely, he’s trolling for new viewers in some out-of-the-box places. I’m just sorry I missed the show (as I missed all 837 previous shows except the one on that debate night).

I am well aware that the magnanimous thing to do would be to just ignore the flyspeck on my screen--as millions of others have done since he went to MSNBC--but those of us over here on the “lunatic fringe” don’t know the meaning of the word. Literally. We can barely spell it.

So, I’m compelled to thank Mr. Olbermann for bringing the delights of RedState to hundreds of new eyes (dozens, if you insist on counting by pairs). Thanks to him also for whatever personal notoriety this sudden entrance upon the (sadly for me, somewhat limited) MSNBC cable news stage may bring to me. However, I must take exception myself to his exception, if only to continue in the great tradition of MediaMatters.

I admit that I asked for corrections, so maybe Olbermann was providing a "correction." The only problem is that I wasn't wrong in what I said, even if he were to have been off TV for the whole week (now THERE’S a thought). He doth protest too much. Even if he wasn't on the official "post-debate spin cycle," he was on the air the night of the debate; he is out of his league; and MSNBC should register as a Democrat lobbying organization. Besides, they DON'T PAY ME ENOUGH to actually tape something like that to have it available for later reference. I’m invoking my Dan Rather School of Faux Journalism degree in Opinion Writing to assert that the essence of what I wrote was true, even if the details may be open to interpretation.

Spin cycle, pre-debate, or on his own show, what difference does it make? He is still a Democrat shill. (And Keith, you can’t call ME a shill, because I don’t get paid to express my opinion while pretending to be a “journalist” reporting facts.) He, himself, proved he’s out of his league by using airtime to disagree with the opinion of one of the unwashed masses.

Oh, yes, MediaMatters staffers. Check it out. He left part of what I wrote OFF THE SCREEN! What do you say to that? When Limbaugh does it, it’s to mislead the listeners. Olbermann must have been intending to mislead, too.

Keith Olbermann decided that I was the third worst person in the world because I said he had left the Peter Principle in his rear-view mirror. Can you imagine what he might have said if I'd SPELLED HIS NAME WRONG? The least he could have done would have been to address me by name. My name ain’t “Red!” It’s “Flagstaff.” Get it right next time, Mr. Journalist.

Ah, well, I think I’ve just about beaten this horse to death, but I still have 14:20 of Fame to go. I guess I'll just keep at it, along with the rest of the folks on this "lunatic fringe Website."

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